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BTL Vanquish ME™ Fat Reduction

Treat the Stomach and Back


BTL Vanquish ME™ - Waistline Fat Reduction

The Newest Treatment for Waistline Fat Reduction!

• Painless body contouring

• Reduces belly fat and bulges

• Breakthrough radio frequency fat reduction technology

• No contact, non-invasive, no down time

• Relaxing process - takes about 1 hour

• Treat your stomach, back or both

• Impressive results in 4 treatments

• FDA Approved for Fat Reduction


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Who Are The Best Candidates?

• Pinch-able, bulging fat areas on stomach

• "Love handles", bulging areas on back

• Not more than 50 pounds overweight

• No large areas of loose skin folds



• Treatments last one hour

• Relaxing treatment room – soothing environment

• Best results with 4 or more treatments

Disclaimer: Results will vary. After photos are due to BTL Vanquish ME treatments administered by trained professionals.

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