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Body Sculpt Testimonials

“Vanquish FLEX and Cellutone on thighs – Great results. Lost one inch or more on each thigh! Procedure was comfortable.” D.V.


“Very Noticeable with my clothes.” S.M.


“This treatment definitely helped with my after baby pooch and skin tightening. I love having a more defined waist!” S.J.


“Noticed results in thigh area. Jeans fit looser around thighs. Stacy is amazing!” S.R.


“Vanquish ME front and cellutone – obvious results in appearance of stomach and fit of clothes – enhanced waist line.” L.S.


“Staff were excellent and well-trained with good knowledge.” P.L.


“Exilis Ultra 360 on stomach – great results! Reduced top layer of fat to reveal much more muscle definition.” G.M.


“Exilis Ultra 360 on neck – noticed improvement with each treatment. My neck is tighter and firmer with fewer wrinkles. I really noticed the change in my skin tone as the collagen built up after about 4 weeks after my last treatment.” K.M.


"Stacy was very informative and made sure my treatment was the best for my money. Very nice!" G.G.


"I lost 2 inches in my waist. It is a fantastic procedure! I highly recommend it. It encouraged me to drink water and watch my diet and exercise too." K.M.

“Stacy, thank you for making this such an enjoyable experience for me. You are so caring and courteous to your patients. As you know this was such a treat for me because of you! I’m so glad it was so easy.” L.T.


“Vanquish Flex and Cellutone for thighs – good results – pants fit so much better.” M.E.


“Great – very satisfied.” M.S.


“Excellent! Very noticeable.” K.E.


"I’d like to take a moment to thank Stacy and the entire staff of Body Sculpt Shreveport. I am not a typical patient of Dr. Merriman’s, as I am a small person, who at first glance might not need assistance with my weight or body. That is not the case. As a younger man I was overweight and insecure. Once I started to focus on my health, the weight started to fall off, leaving me with some trouble spots. I had traditional liposuction on my belly, and that left me with troubled spots as well. So, now I have a hand full of issues to fix somehow and no less security. I learned about this new, noninvasive procedure called Vanquish ME. It sounded like it would work for all my problem areas, so I took the leap and booked my first 4 sessions. All I can say is WOW! From the moment I walked through the door I was treated with kindness, care and respect. I had previously been worried that I might be judged for being small, silly I know, but true. That couldn’t have been further from the actual experience. The procedure is comfortable, effortless and honestly rather relaxing. But the results are what was really the ‘show stopper.’ Having been overweight, body issues have prevented me from being comfortable in intimate situations. As a newly wedded man, intimacy is kind of a big deal. Vanquish gave me back my confidence! I feel like a different person, more comfortable with my body and my partner. This all from four sessions that collectively took less than four hours out of my month. WELL WORTH IT! My husband, my personal body image and my time are all valuable to me. Every single staff member at the office seemed to understand that without telling them. Vanquish ME works, flat out! And the team at Body Sculpt Shreveport is amazing. Five stars all the way!" J.G


"It works! I am feeling better in my clothes...and being in my 70's, that was my goal." D.R.


"Relaxing, quick and pain-free!" G.P.

Body Sculpt Shreveport ~ 949 Olive Street ~ Shreveport, LA 71104 ~ (318) 222-4282

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